The Everyday Lip Edit

I love a pinky-nude lip.  Sheer, glossy and easy to reapply. I don’t ever line my lips so I need something easy.  That’s my dream lip and what I buy 99% of the time when I get a new lipstick. I, like many girls, stick with what works when it comes to lipsticks and I promise you. They have different undertones! 😉

Here are my favorite lips products that I use for my everyday nude, pinky lip!


Fenty Gloss Bomb. Believe the hype. This gloss is the bomb, it’s a universally flattering color, it’s not sticky, it’s hydrating, it looks good over any lipstick, it’s comfy, it smells good and it’ll get you a man. Yup, all of it because that gloss is that good. If you’re looking for a good gloss THIS. IS. IT. 10/10 look no further. #1 recommendation.

Lancome Juicy Shaker in completely nut. I love the juicy shakers!  I find them to be a stain of color but not the most long lasting lip I have. That being said, this is the matte version and it’s not overly matte and they’re comfy. I love the applicator because they’re so dang easy to apply. They wear good with a gloss and won’t dry out your lips. I love this shade for an everyday lip. It’s a pink nude that’s not too in your face and similar to my natural lip.

Nars Lip balm in orgasm. This has been my latest obsession! I did a post about it here. It’s a glossy, hydrating balm with a sheer wash of Nar’s famous orgasm color.  It’s more pink than peach and there’s no shimmer but it has a sheen to it. This is the perfect everyday lip because it goes with everything and it’s comfortable and easy to apply. Love this lip!


Bobbi Brown crushed lip in Sazan Nude. I’ve talked about this before too! It’s an amazing, comfortable hydrating lipstick. One of the best lipsticks I’ve ever used.  The color makes it so much better. It was created by mega blogger/boss babe/ influencer Sazan Hendrix. It’s the perfect pink nude and it wears like a blotted lip or like you just ate a popsicle.  It gives that natural wash of color to the lips without looking crusty or emphasizing lines. It’s an amazing lipstick!

Mac Frecklestone. This is a nude/peach lip and it’s great for every day.  I like the Mac lipsticks in the lustre or sheer finishes because they’re not too matte or drying.  This is easy to reapply and comfy to wear! It looks really good with some Fenty Gloss on the center of your lips.

Bite Beauty Lipsticks. These are the lipsticks I made at the bite beauty lab.  It’s a nude and a coral. You can’t get these shades in stores but the Bite Amuse Bouche finish lipsticks are pigmented, satin finish, creamy and really comfy. They have so many good colors and I have some other Bite Lipsticks that I love!!


Lipstick Queen Blusher. This is a cream blush that you can wear on your lips. It’s too pink for my liking so I dab it on really lightly and add a clear balm on top and it makes my lips look sunburnt and I love that look! It’s a natural flush of color and good for everyday!

Guerlain La Petite Robe in 011. Again, another sheer, finish glossy pink. These remind me of the Dior lipsticks because the packaging and consistency are all very similar. This is comfy to wear, easy to apply and looks more like a berry pink on my lips. It smells like gummy candy!

Tarte lipstick and gloss. This has a lipstick on one side and a gloss on the other. It’s a warm pinky nude.  I actually got this as a GWP at Ulta and I was surprised at how good it was and how much I loved it.  The lipstick layered with the gloss is gorgeous and I like the option for both!

My faves are the Fenty Gloss, The Bobbi Brown lip in Sazan Nude and the Nars Orgasm lip balm!

This product is amaz….

2018-06-11 22:15:55.721

Shouting out the Cane and Austin Acne Retexture Pads. 

So story time, I tried these in the past and really loved them. They’re comparable to the Dennis Gross peel pads but gentler and can be used daily.  I was at TJ Maxx and saw these on clearance for $20. Note they’re $70-$80 on Sephora. I, of course, had to scoop them up because so cheap and I loved these in the past.  I drove to another TJ Maxx, (I was hunting for Too Faced bronzers) and I found it again, on clearance for $10!!!! You bet I walked back to my car, got the $20 one and exchanged it for the $10 one!

What I realized after buying these was that Cane and Austin do a bunch of different version of these pads. There’s a retexture, an acne, and a miracle. They all have glycolic acid and the acne ones have salicylic acid as well. So AHAs and BHAs. The AHAs – glycolic acid will help dull, aging skin along with hyperpigmentation.  The BHAs – salicylic acid will help to combat acne and unclog pores.

You get the benefits of both with the acne version and it’s pretty awesome.  I also will never say no to blackhead prevention.

You can also purchase different versions with varying % of glycolic acid and salicylic acid. I have always had sensitive skin, but this is the strongest version and I use it nightly with no problem. Maybe my skin is getting tougher honestly. (knocks on wooooood.) I do go through phases where I have to completely simplify my skincare routine because less is more. Ok, back to these face pads!

So I realized in the past, I tried the miracle pads. I didn’t know there was a difference when I got the acne version.  I don’t have acne besides the typical breakup here and there. I was hesitant to use these, worrying they’d be too harsh for my skin.  I tried to introduce them slowly into my routine and I’m all in now and have been loving these pads!! My skin is smooth, I have noticed my dark spots fading, I haven’t had any breaks outs, my skin isn’t dry or irritated and it works well with my other skincare.  I also use these nightly!!! I cut them in half too because their big and pretty saturated with product.

I’m telling you about these because they offer chemical exfoliation which everyone needs in their life while helping dull, aging skin and dark spots and can unclog pores.  This product has really helped with my dark spots from past acne. (Along with Drunk Elephant c-firma.) Some people have asked me for a cheap remedy to remove dark spots and while I’m not there yet, this is a great option that does a lot for your skin.


Summer Contour

I’ve talked about my favorite contour products, here, in the past! I’m not huge on contour — I just don’t find it necessary for every day and reserve it more for a full face.  But with that being said I appreciate it from time to time! I especially like to keep my makeup lighter in the summer, so that’s where a summer contour comes into play.  I think of a summer contour as a bronzed, dewy, highlighted, snatched sort of face. Here’s what I’m using for that!


Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer In Medium/Deep. So this is the only actually contour I’ve been doing. I used this to bronze my face the other day and then I went in with an angled brush to contour and it was the most gorgeous contour ever!! This bronzer is a little deeper, not to warm or cool and just perfect for chiseling the cheekbones. Warning — it’s very pigmented so too much product can look muddy.  Overall I really like this bronzer! It’s a gem for contour.

It’s also on sale for $10 at Nordstrom Rack.

Isle of Paradise Tan Drops in Medium. I want tan skin year round but especially in the summer! This is great for tanning your face without exposing it to the sun. All you do is just add some drops to your moisturizer and voila. With that being said I’ve struggled with this product before. The directions advise 1-12 drops. I absolutely disagree. The most you can get away with without being an orange, blotchy mess is 5-6. You must exfoliate well with this product or it will stick to everything.  Even chap lips!  Also wash your hands very well after. This goes for any tan but this is drops so their extra concentrated and I tell you to move with caution! Strong self-tanner is a double edge sword.

Ciate Dewy Stix. This product is insanely amazing.  It’s just a clear, dewy stick to add sheen to your skin. It wears as an insanely blinding highlight but is natural. It’s really everything I could ever want! It’s a tad tacky once you apply it but it wears very well and lasts longer than I expected. It’s an awesome product and if you love dewy skin, you need this in your arsenal.


Bliss Dewy Moisturizer. This moisturizer is awesome for an all over sheen as a primer or base before makeup. It has pink duo-chrome shimmers in it that really make the skin glow. It rubs out clear so this can work for every skin tone. This really reminds me of the Glam Glow Mega illuminating moisturizer. I have both and this is a dupe! It’s also a little lighter and I have been reaching for this over the Glam glow one.  This is $16 while Glam Glow is $50 so def go with this.

Solaris Gua Sha. This is a gua sha made for lymphatic drainage in your face. With the drainage, your face will look more snatched. It’s not going to take you to Kim K level cheekbones and snatch but it will really just depuff the face. I like it and it’s really good to just drain the bad stuff out of your face and skin! It’s summer so I’m eating chips and guac, burgers and drinking with friends so I’ll take some depuffing.


Trader Joes Argan Oil. I got this because it’s $6 and I love an oil. This is a good oil and it’s legit! The only ingredient is organic argan oil. I compared it to the Drunk Elephant Marula oil and its just a hint thicker and this has a scent. I know their different oils but it could be an awesome replacement and cheaper oil for your routine. Compared to Josie Maran Argan oil they both are made of organic argan oil and feel very similar and comparable. This oil is $6.99 Josie Maran is $48. This is a great oil, comparable to a high-end version and a fraction of the price. I def recommend this! 🙂

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wand. This highlight is just gorgeous and dewy on the skin.  It’s more natural because of its a liquid instead of a powder but its very strong and intense. It’s really gorgeous on skin because it melts in but pops!

May Favorites! + a YouTube video

May Favorites are here 🙂 I have a video talking about my May Favorites, here. I talk about all of these in my video but I wanted to do a quick overview on here!


Bioderma Micellar Water (not pictured) This is hands down, my favorite micellar water. It removed everything, its non-drying, gentle and never leaves a greasy residue.

Knours Skin Meditation Gel. I used this after traveling when my face was irritated and red. I have sensitive skin so this happens a few times a month from allergies, travel or new products I’m trying. I used this cream before going to bed and when I woke up the next morning my skin was totally calmed down and soothed. its great for soothing skin and I use it whenever my skin is feeling extra sensitive. It has a gel formula so it’s soothing and cooling.

Dr. Jart Cicapair drops. I love these drops and use them daily with a concealer. They cancel out redness and add a glow to the skin.  I use these after I apply moisturizer/sunscreen and they all layer very nicely. The drops are lighter but don’t cover as much as the cream. I prefer these for everyday use with makeup.

Youth to the People Super berry oil. I adore this oil. Its super hydrating and melts into the skin very quickly. I use it day and night and it layers well with everything else that I use. It has a tropical / kiwi smell and I’m loving it.

Bliss Rich moisturizer for dewy, radiant skin. I love this moisturizer as a base before makeup because it has shimmer flecks.  The cream is white with pink shimmer but on skin it just looks like a sheen and glow. These are $16 and they are a dupe for the Glam Glow mega illuminating moisturizer. Both are a shimmery moisturizer to prime skin before makeup for a dewy, radiant base.

Soelil Tan de Chanel bronzer. I adore this bronzer. It’s a cream formula and it wears so nicely on the skin. It melts into skin and I find that this bronzer is hard to go overboard with because it blends so easily and it never looks muddy. There is nothing like this product out there, I love it and its a classic staple. It’s also massive.

Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer. I love this concealer and I just went back to using it after a while.  ( I was exclusive to this all through high school!) It has good, medium to full coverage and doesn’t dry like Shape Tape. It’s just a perfect everyday concealer. Its one of my top 3 concealers. Also, love the Soft matte concealer. Nars knows how to do a kick-ass concealer.

Nudestix Tinted Blur. If you follow my Instagram you know I have a mad obsession with this product. It’s AMAZING. It’s low, light coverage blurs imperfections and looks like a filter on your face. I’m obsessed. The only issue? Barely any product. I’m almost out and I haven’t owned it for a month and I use it 4 times a week.

Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Sazan Nude. This is the best lipstick I’ve ever used. It’s hydrating, comfy and stains the lip nicely. This is the perfect nude, blotted lip, post popsicle kind of lipstick. It’s amazing.

Peach slices Acne dots. The best treatment for zits that I’ve tried. Their like little stickers you just stick it on a zit and it will honestly suck the life out of it. They’re around $4 and I prefer them over Mario Badescu.

Shisedo Eye lash curler. The best eyelash curler ever. Pro-tip get one that’s for the shape of your eye to avoid pinching. This is for my eye shape and when I say it’s life changing I MEAN IT.

All the links are in the bio for my video. 😉 SO go check it out / really don’t want to link these all over again. 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 1.51.20 PM.png


Mascara Diaries

This post has been cooking for so long and I’m glad it’s finally up! Mascara is a huge part of my makeup routine! My dream makeup is long, wispy, defined and volume lashes with a glowy, bronzed light-makeup face. That’s why it’s my dream, lol.  I LOVE dramatic lashes, volume, length, curl all of it…I also like to go natural with the rest of my makeup so my lashes really need to make a pop. I did have lash extensions for like 6 months and ended up stopping because the maintenance was a lot to keep up with so since then I’ve been on the hunt for the best mascaras.  I use mostly high-end makeup but a lot of my favorite mascaras are drugstore! Let’s take look.

Disclaimer: If I wear it on my bottom lashes I’ll get a hint of smudging because I get oily around my eyes. I find that this happens with every mascara so I don’t get too upset.

I wear around 3-4 coats of mascara. I go ham with it so take that into consideration when you look at the photos. It’s more mascara than 1-2 coats.

ESSENCE MASCARAS – We have to take a moment of silence for Essence mascaras because they are all under $5 and are seriously amazing. Some of my favorite mascaras out there.  I say they have a semi-waterproof mascara because they aren’t technically waterproof but you need a micellar water or a makeup remover to completely remove them versus a traditional mascara that should come off with warm water.

They also have a wetter formula.

I will say Essence because they’re so cheap, don’t have the best packaging as evidenced by the paint peeling off the product.


This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE mascara. It lengthens and defines like no tomorrow and makes your lashes wispy while still adding some volume. It also holds a curl well.  Out of all the Essence mascaras, this one wears the best on me all day.  LOOK AT MY LASHES. It’s not the most volumizing but it makes your lashes look so long that it makes up for it. It’s my favorite mascara.


I recently got this to compare to the other lash princess because it’s supposed to be better. It’s good but not my favorite and I like the other lash princess better. This one is thick and adds volume but is much more clumpy. The two are just different and comes down to preference.


This Essence mascara was my favorite before I found my favorite lash princess volume.  This one is more volumizing, comparable to falsies imo. BUT, it can get a little clumpy and shed product if you layer on too much. Still a favorite of mine! But this one can smudge a little bit more because it’s way more volumizing than defining.


I think this mascara really looks like extensions because they’re wispy and there aren’t empty spaces between the lashes. That being said, I miss my lash extensions but this isn’t my favorite mascara. It’s good but I have some other Essence ones I prefer more. These are great for wispy, full lashes. Not the most lengthening or defining but it still does lengthens and it adds good volume at the root. Again, this one can clump and you can have some product fall out. You can use less mascara to avoid that, I just want the most dramatic wear out of my mascara.


This isn’t my favorite Essence mascara. I find that my lashes fall, I get product fallout and it just really doesn’t compare to the other Essence Mascaras I have imo. I also don’t see the tremendous volume its supposed to have. I think the two-volume stylist versions above offer more volume.



I loved this mascara for a while. I like the way it adds length and volume while still holding a curl. My lashes used to have a hard time holding a curl and this was one of the first mascaras that kept it curled. This may be the waterproof version but the label is non-existent — that is the drugstore for you BUT this is a good drugstore option that adds length and volume without clumping together lashes.

This is my favorite Maybelline mascara since they have so many out there. Total Temptation is lackluster compared to the rest of these which is why it didn’t make it to this post — I didn’t want to put it on again. It’s not terrible I just like what these mascaras do for my lashes better. And, the pink and green mascara broke me out in the past.


This is a great mascara staple! I’ve actually blogged about it before, here! This reminds me of a better version of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I mean the bottle and brush are sooo similar. I really dislike the BTS so this mascara is really awesome to me. It lengthens, adds volume and still defines lashes. This is the waterproof version which I can totally count on to keep my lashes curled all day. It’s a pretty mascara and there’s an air of wispy-ness that it has. This is the best mascara you can buy at the drugstore imo.



I have a soft spot for this mascara because I started wearing this in 8th grade, first mascara, and used it all through-out high school. I was searching my stash and found a sample of it to use in the blog post and I need to go get a full size. It’s my favorite Benefit mascara because it just defines and lengthens insanely well. I love this mascara, I do and its one of my favorite high-end mascaras.  Personally, it’s just my kind of lash — long and wispy.


Milk Makeup Kush mascara. I recently got this and have been using it nonstop. I like the volume it adds to my lashes though looking at the picture it doesn’t look like it offers tremendous length or definition. This one can smudge on me if I have it on for a while, especially on bottom lashes. I’m not sure why I love this so much but it applies nicely and it’s not a mess to wash off. The word gentle comes to my mind when I think of this mascara but it doesn’t look gentle.

If you look at the brush there is excess product. This mascara can clump, beware and its because the brush holds too much product and its a wetter formula.


Buxom Big Tease. This mascara confuses me because this picture is from the first time I ever wore it and my lashes look amazing; length, definition and volume which seems impossible. The second time I wore it they fell and the mascara miserably crumbled off and smudges. I’m not sure what to think because I didn’t use it after that.  I mean Buxom isn’t known for mascara but this picture makes me want to play with it some more.


This mascara is a flop. I have two coats on here because a 3rd coat is the kiss of death that’ll leave you looking like you have 4 singular lashes. That’s right, tarantula city. This is the clumpiest mascara ever, it flakes off and smudges and my lashes fall within the hour of applying it. I will say it does wear nicely with lash extensions and it comes off easily.


Lancome Monsieur Big. This is a classic, high-end mascara. I love it because this too lengthens and adds volume without being too clumpy. If I had to recommend a high-end mascara, this would be it. It’s consistently good and when I need a good mascara for a nice occasion or a nice out I go for this.


Hi there! I’m so excited to share my NYC vlog with you guys. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I finally have the courage/time/want to do it!  My vlog is my day at Bite Beauty making lipsticks and a Korean Beauty haul!

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 11.36.04 PM.png

Here’s my vlog! I’m so excited to start out making video content! It’ll be cool to be able to explain skincare/makeup in person rather than through text. Now we get to know each other better!

I’m already working on some new skincare/beauty videos and I’m just so excited!

The Best Summer Lip


Nars recently came out with a new Orgasm collection featuring some new products in their famous orgasm hue. They released a lip balm, a loose, illuminating powder and a jumbo orgasm collector blush.  Nars Orgasm is a perfect color year round, but especially in the summer! It’s warm, fun and very flattering to many.  A lip balm is a perfect release for summer and I’m going to be living in it!


Here’s the lip balm, it retails for $28 at Sephora.  It’s hydrating, sheer and super comfy to wear! It has no scent and really nourishes the lips.  I expected more shimmer since orgasm is a shimmery color but I love it just as is.  I think I wouldn’t like it as much with shimmer actually.  This isn’t too long lasting, maybe an hour or so? But it somewhat stains the lips so you have some color still there.

I would buy this product again because it’s so flattering, so easy and comfy! I stray from anything with massive amounts of effort like a liquid or matte lip. Fun fact I’m horrible at lining my lips / applying lipstick so I love balms and glosses because they’re much more forgiving.


Here’s it on my lips. I’m completely obsessed! It’s a pinky-peach that pulls more pink.

I’m eyeing the loose, highlighting powder in orgasm! As messy as loose powders are I would be lying if I said I didn’t want it. I’d wear it as a highlighting blush with bronzer and it’d be a great summer look.

The Best Target Beauty Buys!!


I like many people in the world have a Target obsessions. Bored? Go to Target! Sad? Go to Target? Happy? Go to Target! Target literally makes everything better and because Target is totally stepping up their beauty section this makes it even better! Or worse… for your wallet depending on how you view it but glass half full people it’s a great thing!  I love browsing the beauty section at Tarjayyy and here I am to share my favorite beauty buys from Target, with you!


Kristin Ess Haircare is a must if you’re at Target!!!! A must. The shampoo and conditioner are great. The Beach Wave Spray is good but I like the Dry Texture one better. Both offer non-sticky texture and grit without making your roots feel saturated with powder! It’s preference for me but I like the Dry Texture better, I think it does more. The Blow Dry mist is amazing at stopping frizz and cutting down blow dry time.  It also makes your hair sleeker.

Good Chemistry Fragrances. This is a line of fragrances that recently came to Target. They have perfumes and colognes and they have testers out at Target  so you can smell them!! This one was $24 and it in no way smells like a cheap perfume! This is the scent Queen Bee and its playful and fruity smelling.  I like it but I will say the sprayer part that you push down to get it to spray often gets stuck inside the bottom part.  I mean the perfume is only $24 so it’s fine if you’re patient but just to let you know!

Thayer’s Witch Hazel. This is great to use before makeup or after you wash your face. It’s tones, hydrates and gets the extra gunk off your face. Honestly just a great staple!! Pro Tip: If you’re drier, use a spray toner because cotton will strip your skin of moisture.  Or if you’re just lazy or like me I’m both! This is the lavender scent but its very tame smelling. They also have scentless if you’re sensitive!

Acure Skincare. Acure is awesome and the price point is great. I love their oils, they’re under $10 and they work!


Bliss Spa products. I’m loving the new Bliss products at Target! I recommend the masks and the dewy moisturizer!!! The In the Honey one is super hydrating. The Mighty Marshmallow one feels awesome on your face and makes your skin radiant.  The Ex-glow-sion moisturizer has iridescent shimmer and is so pretty under makeup! It reminds me of the Glam Glow mega illuminating moisturizer! I love this stuff so much and it feels high end and from what I’ve tried it works!! I can’t wait to try more.

Loreal Lash Paradise. I love this mascara. It’s a Too Faced dupe and my favorite mascara at Target. It also keeps my hard to curl lashes curled!!

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. This is a staple and IMO the best concealer at the drugstore! They recently expanded the shade range too! It’s not perfect but it’s getting better.

There are my favorite Target buys? DO you have any that aren’t here? Please lemme know! 🙂


NY Diary!​ Summer 2018

Hi All!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll know I was in New York last week.  I was there for a graduation but I had some free time to fill with shopping and eating.  It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy…maybe it does hahah…but a Sephora and guac is a quick ticket to get there!  One of the highlights of my trip was going to the bite beauty lip lab!!! You get to make your own bite beauty lipsticks and I 100% recommend it. I did it with family and it was awesome and it was a hit! I love beauty and my family isn’t as into it but we ALL wear lipstick so it was awesome for everyone! It doesn’t get better than being able to create your own shades!

I vlogged my week in NY so that should be up soon!


Here are all the pigments! Pretty to look at but is it just me or shouldn’t this be covered because…dusty!?!


They pair you with a consultant to mix your colors.  Here’s goldilock’s I mean my mom’s! 🙂 They’re pretty patient and you try on every color and get to tell them what you want to add.


Here’s MINE!! I went with the first and the fourth shade. I tried to add some color so I did a sheer coral and of course, a brownish nude. SO happy with my shades. They also have different finishes and scents to choose from that you add to the lipsticks.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Dress is F21 but can’t find it online. // Fanny Pack is freep…Free People! Shoes are sole society!

I did go for a graduation, NYU’s graduation so here’s one of my outfits! I’m so obsessed with wrap dresses. Also my fanny pack I’m dead for it. I LOVE it. It makes every outfit chicer.

I’m so @$#@$ pale! I want to try this tanner.


oo35mm!!! The go-to spot for K-Beauty in NY. It’s in Soho in the heart of Chinatown right on Canal street. It’s the size of a closet and stuffed to the brim with product but a great spot for k-beauty.


Jeans are Topshop and YES my grandparents did ask me if I got them onsale.

Here’s me pretending I’m a hypebeast. Also, I’m denim on denim’s biggest fan….and my fanny pack’s.


Shelfie + products I won’t be buying!

This is traveling light :’)

Hi from NY! I’m here for the week to go to a family graduation. Def going to do some Sephora shopping so I’ll share that soon! Also trying to vlog! ** crosses fingers** I forgot today LOL but tomorrow is a new day so we’ll see how it goes.

Back to the post!

Oddly enough I like watching Youtube videos about products people aren’t going to buy so here is mine!

Glossier Lash Slick. I like dramatic, voluminous lashes and this is more natural. It’s just not a good fit. I’d rather get the Milk Makeup Kush mascara.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dream palette. Looks like another holographic highlighter palette. I appreciate it and it’s gorgeous to look at but I don’t need to own it or wear it.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered palette. I want a Huda eyeshadow palette but the colors in this are the same as her other palettes just with a new formula. Boring! If I wanted those colors I would have got it already.

Kylie Momager, Kris Jenner collab. Nothing in this collab gets me excited or sticks out. A lot of it looks similar to past releases…. IMO.

Tarte x Aspyn palette. I wanted this when I saw the swatches but the palette just looks boring.  Its gorgeous neutrals but I have so many neutral palettes.  It just doesn’t get me excited and I already have good basic shadows in my collection.

Colourpop Fame Palette. Gorgeous but Colourpop is a hassle to get and I don’t need a neutrals palette plus I go for warmer tones.

What I could buy…

Nars orgasm lippie. I love that its sheer and the color is flattering and light for summer.

Fenty Beach Please eyeshadows duos. I LOVE Fenty. The new shadow/face duos along with the Killawatt duos are gorgeous! I want both…one of each!

Milk Makeup Kush Mascara. I have heard good things.

Huda Beauty coral obsessions palette. Super into red/orange matte shadows. what happened to me?!

Kat Von D anniversary highlighter. I DON’T NEED IT BUT THE HEART WANTS WHAT IT WANTS.